B I T E  held its first, of what we hope to be many, company Cabaret at the Perry Street Theater last Sunday. It was an incredible success.

One of  B I T E's  greatest pleasures is being able to provide our community of performers and artist a helping hand in pursuing their dreams.

So much talent comes into NYC every year looking to begin a career in the arts.  We work with and are comprised of so many of these great and talented performers and see them every day without having ever had a chance to watch them do the things that brought them to the city in the first place.  

For years we've talked about a "BITE Cabaret" like a foolish idea.  Last Sunday, we FINALLY made it happen.  

12 performers from the company took to the stage.  

It was incredibly touching to see and unbelievably rewarding to be a part of such a creative and giving community.


  • Michael + Jason: A Reading. 
  • Charlie: Original Monologue + Song
  • Trevor: "Harry's House", Joni Mitchell
  • Lucky: "Loom", Original SOng
  • Jimmy + Lindsay: "Jagadamba You Might", First Aid Kit
  • Jimmy: "Hide & Seek", Imogen Heap
  • Jordan + Jonathan + Caleb: "Nerd Love"
  • Christine: "Slow Dancing in a Burning Room", John Mayer
  • Jason: "Call Me On Your Way Back Home", Ryan Adams
  • Seth: Two show-stopping standards!


  • Emeri Fetzer


  •  Taim
  • Chef Scott Skey (oysters, seared scallops, 60 day aged steak, DICKSON'S MEATS)


  • Adam Keita (instagram @lightlifephotos)


  • Erika Latta, WAX FACTORY