What is BITE & Tackle?

Bite & Tackle is an easy, streamlined and affordable solution to catering in NYC.  "B&T" is an abbreviated and cost effective version of a BITE cocktail party or family style / buffet dinner.  We've simplified the menu, planning process and event design in order to offer a BITE event at a fraction of the cost.  

How much setup is included?

Our staff will arrive 90 minutes prior to your selected start time.  After a quick discussion with you (the host), they'll setup the bar and begin preparation for the selected menu.  Our staff are all well trained and experienced NYC caterers and can help make suggestions and decisions to guarantee that your party is a success. 

Can BITE provide the alcohol for my party?

Unfortunately, the answer is NO.  Luckily, there are very easy and simple solutions for your needs through MiniBarDelivery.com, Bottlerocket.com, Drizly.com or your favorite neighborhood wine shop.  There's no need to put anything in the refrigerator or unpack - just show our staff where it is and they'll get it ready and on ice with plenty of time to spare. Visit our HOSTING PAGE for help on quantities and other suggestions.

Can I make more selections than what's included?  (I'll PAY!)

Unfortunately, the answer here is NO as well. A main reason why we're able to offer B&T at such an incredible rate is our pre-designed menus and how they relate to staff requirements, packaging, transportation.  It's a closely arranged package.  Straying from the designed package would veer into customization, which steers us out of B&T and into the realm of BITE (which isn't a bad place to be, either).  If you're interested in throwing a fully produced and customized party, please email info@imightbite.com - we'd LOVE to help!

How much time is included?

The cost includes 90 minutes of setup, 2 hours of party time and 1 hour of breakdown. 

Does the addition of time ALSO include an addition of food?

NO.  Food quantities for a B&T party are pre-set at the standard guest counts for 2 hours.  Additional service time may be added, but not additional food quantities. 

Is gratuity included?

NO, gratuity is not included.

Will B&T work for my corporate event, too?

We think it works great for all kinds of applications.  With the ability to adjust the lengths for time of service, BITE & Tackle can accommodate smaller groups at different intervals of the day, i.e.:

  • Conferences
  • Market Weeks
  • Trunk Shows
  • Office Parties
  • Editor Previews

(Our cocktail selections can all be modified to serve as non-alcoholic beverages that are appropriate for any time of day, as well.)

What will the staff be wearing?

Our B&T staff uniform is a White Cocktail dress for women and a white collared button down with khaki pants for men. If your party requires different attire, you can make a request on the check-out form.  We'll respond as quickly as possible.  Most reasonable requests can be accommodated.

Does BITE & Tackle ship to The Hamptons, NY?

YES! BITE & Tackle is now serving Hamptons locations. When placing your order, just select "Hamptons, NY" under the "Event Location" drop down menu.  Hamptons events do cost an additional fee for transportation and travel logistics.